ROI Design is Boston’s only family-focused interior design firm. We help busy, growing families live better by creating order and beauty in their homes.

I started ROI Design in 2012, after staying home with my own children for a few years. I love babies and kids, and have a passion for creating spaces that inspire their learning and development.

By understanding your family’s lifestyle, needs, and challenges, I help solve your unique aesthetic and organizational problems. My firm’s name represents the process I follow to achieve this:

  • Reflect on your practical and aesthetic goals for your home
  • Observe how you and your family really lives to create systems that set you up for success
  • Inspire everyone in your family to learn, grow, and live better in your beautiful, organized space

That’s what I do. Here’s my story and my work. I’m looking forward to getting to know your family.



All interior design and home organization services begin with a family survey that we do over the phone. We’ll discuss your family’s lifestyle, home layout, daily routines, and design and organizational challenges.

The next step is to have a Design & Organization Consult in your home so I can see your challenges in real life, make immediate recommendations, and give you a framework for moving forward. From here, I can also put together a detailed proposal for more in-depth design and organization services.

I can work with your family as much or as little as you like : a single consult and quick-and-dirty to-do list, or simply specifying colors and furniture for you to purchase on your own, or more full-service — overseeing contractors, placing orders and receiving deliveries, and hanging artwork on your freshly-painted walls. I like to share ideaboards on Pinterest or Houzz to hone my understanding of your personal style and taste. And I source furnishings at every budget level — living well doesn’t mean spending a lot.

Here’s a sample of what I do:

New (or Old!) Home Walk-Through 
Just what it says : We’ll walk through your home together, and discuss layouts for each room, new paint colors, placement of artwork or photos, and create organization systems to help you live smarter. I can work with furniture and accessories that you already own, or recommend new furniture, to transform your home with a fresh, updated look and improved functionality.

Design Therapist 
So many ideas, so many decisions, so many compromises, designing can be stressful. You set the tempo, I provide expert design guidance and project management. We’ll start by setting goals, and agree on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ins. At each meeting, we’ll be evaluating progress, assigning tasks to both of us to be completed between sessions, and setting new goals as we go.

Nesting Consult 
Whether your first, second, or even multiple babies, I help optimize your home to be a safe and efficient space for everyone in your growing family. Life with a newborn isn’t all peaceful feeding time in a rocking chair, and I keep it real — from changing diapers in the dark, to parking a slushy, muddy stroller in your foyer, we’ll talk about setting up your space to make it less stressful. I can also provide advice on baby registry items that best suit your space and lifestyle.

Childhood Transitions 
Suddenly, your baby is ready for a big-kid bed, or going to share a room with a sibling, or you need to turn your playspace into a study space. Your family is changing, growing, and so should your home.

Too Many Toys!
Incorporating Montessori and Waldorf education principles, I will set up your child’s playspace and materials throughout your home to promote independence, learning, and creativity.

Organization Personal Trainer 
Get your home in shape! If your space is cluttered and chaotic, I will work alongside you and your family members to determine what to keep, donate, store, or recycle, and set up a system everyone can follow. We’ll meet on a regular basis until you achieve your organization goals.

Kitchen/Bath Project Kick-off
It’s a Big, Hairy, Audacious Project, and I help you take your first steps. We’ll discuss layout, budget, your hopes and dreams, and your challenges. After this meeting, you’ll know if you need an architect or structural engineer, general contractor or handyman, where to shop for appliances, and you’ll have a budget and plan for moving forward.

Renovation Coach
Home renovations must be one of life’s most challenging experiences. Once the designing, planning, and budgeting is done, you’re overseeing contractors’ work while managing your household amid what feels like endless noise and dust. Help is here! From communicating timelines with tradespeople, to placing cabinet and fixture orders, to picking out switch plates and hanging family photos, you can leave the details to me. I will translate builder language into plain English for you, and keep everyone on track for the duration of the project.

Contact me so I can help your family, too!


boston sunday globe

  No biggie. Just sharing an article from The Boston Globe where I’m interviewed. The SUNDAY Globe. In which I am quoted 3 times. On the front page article of the “Address” section. With color photos, and other quotes from folks like the style director for Joss & Main and the editor-in-chief of HGTV Magazine. …

feeling thankful

I asked my family why they like Thanksgiving. Here are their answers: “I like Thanksgiving because you get to be with your family. And you get to eat.” “Food.” “Food and family.” So there you have it. Thanksgiving is about remembering and appreciating the simple things in life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


I’d love to hear from you! I work with families living within 30 minutes (or so) of Boston.