not everyone reads e-books

Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house. ย — Henry Ward Beecher

I am one of the few people who still read actual books. I have a hard time letting go of them, too, so I understand the need for walls lined with bookshelves. Whether or not you sort your books by color, a floor-to-ceiling built-in is my favorite flavor. Here are a few from around the web that inspire me:

source unknown

by Techentin Buckingham Architecture

Photo: Bookcase from Maison de Verra by Dominique Vellay

O'Neill Rose Architects, NY. Photography by Chuck Choi.

source unknown

My opinion on color-sorting: If your collection warrants shelving of this scale, then you’re better off organizing library-style by genre, subject, and alphabetically by author. Smaller collections of books, e.g. one or two bookcases, can be arranged by color without making impossible to find something.

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2 Responses to not everyone reads e-books

  1. i love books too! I also love the way walls of bookshelves look in a home. I have alawys always wanted a two story library!

  2. I think I will go the whole hog in the end and get a Dewey cabinet, just for the fun of it. Still a good way to sort out a shelf/wall/collection.

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