kaiku-inspired play studio

I’m finally done with the main wall mural for the Play Studio, and feel like showing off! Remember my inspiration piece?

Marimekko's Kaiku fabric

Marimekko’s Kaiku fabric

I simplified the design and shopped around online for birch tree wall decals. I found my final choice on Etsy, which came with a hundred butterflies to flit and flutter around the walls. The addition of butterflies was a happy discovery, because I really wanted to keep it fun and light, as fitting for a play room.

Now, I generally don’t do decorative painting myself, but I had a vision for this project that I wasn’t totally comfortable with delegating. I’ve never gotten this cozy with wall decals before, but I feel like an expert now! I will also tell you, it takes a lot longer to get those puppies up there than you might think. The painting and wall decals took about 10 hours all together.

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Now that I’ve got the hang of it, I’ll be much more comfortable spec’ing large scale wall decals in my projects. Just in case I find myself putting them up again ๐Ÿ™‚

The decal set isย from theย Etsyย shopย A Baby Wall, and you can choose from over a dozen colors for the trees, branches, and butterflies. I had a fabulous experience ordering from her, and will probably do so again.

Oh yeah, and here’s how the climbing wall turned out:

I love it all! What do you think?

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2 Responses to kaiku-inspired play studio

  1. Kathy Felgran says:

    I love this whole project….the practical side and the whimsy! Great job, cheryl. Kathy

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