my story

Hi! I’m Cheryl.20140130-202710.jpg

I’m an interior designer and organizer, and founder of ROI Design. My business is the perfect marriage of my lifelong passion for interior design, my need for things to be in the right places, and my love of parenting.

My design career started nearly 20 years ago with classes at The BAC and NESAD at Suffolk, but my creative drive showed early on. I vividly remember, at age 11, drawing a floor plan of my bedroom to scale on 1/4″ grid paper, along with cut-out cardboard templates of my furniture, so that I could plan different ways to set up my room. I even did all the furniture moving myself.

I honed my design and merchandising skills with Crate and Barrel, where I served as manager of their furniture showroom in Boston’s Back Bay. As manager, I had free rein to plan each seasonal floor set and window displays, which was a dream come true. Getting to choose what rug to put with each sofa, what chair to put with each dining table, and which lamps to place in every room setting? Heaven.

But I left heaven after having my first child and while expecting my second. I joined Isis Parenting (now closed), overseeing 5 community-based centers offering education and products for new parents. I loved being a mother, and I wanted to support moms and dads who were learning to parent and learning to love parenting, too.

I worked nights, weekends, and holidays, and saw my little guys growing exponentially. So, I did what everyone tells exhausted mothers not to : I left my career behind to become a stay-at-home-mom. I loved it, mostly. I also used the time to refocus and return to my creative roots. And in Sept 2012, I launched ROI Design.

ROI Design is dedicated to the unique needs of growing families, because I am living it. I have 2 boys who make me laugh every day, and only sometimes make me cry. My husband is my partner in everything, and keeps me from taking things too seriously. We live with our crazy rescue mutt in a teensy 2-bedroom cottage in Roslindale. It’s just right for the 5 of us.

That’s my story. I’d love to learn more about you, too! Contact me.

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