family photographs

Some designers advise keeping displays of family photographs in private areas, like bedrooms, but I respectfully disagree. Nothing makes a home feel more personal than putting your memories up where you can share them with others, especially when you are hosting holiday gatherings for friends and family!

Here are two gallery walls I designed and installed for a client recently.

In the family room, I sketched out an arrangement that fit into a finite rectangular area. My clients, one of whom is a talented hobby photographer, chose their favorite pictures of their family. We went with matching custom frames and mats to unify the various sizes and orientations. Because I’m a DIY kinda girl, I did all the framing myself with the help of the artists at The Framers Workshop in Brookline Village. Hanging them required a level, painters tape, hammer and picture hooks, and A LOT of time and patience.


In the stairway, square photos in simple black frames create a classic arrangement that can be admired from the first and second floors. Installing this wall was much faster, because everything was the same size, but this project tested my long arms, my sense of balance, and my bravery in facing my fear of heights.


Gallery wall black frames

I think the final result is fabulous!! What do you think?


gallery walls

I started putting up my family gallery wall today! I love seeing framed family pictures in a home, though I’ve heard advice recommending the contrary. Whether in small groupings here and there, or gathered en masse on a single wall, nothing makes a house feel like home like seeing family photographs. Personally, I am a fan of the eclectic, mismatched look.





My family wall is in my stairway. It’s the only large wall in my house, and it’s still not as large as I’d like it to be. Here’s where I’m at right now.


Some frames still need pictures, but I put them up anyway. It’s so difficult to get the layout right without seeing the real thing in place. And, I really needed to get them off the floor of my office!

How do you display family pictures in your home?

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